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Old and New Loft Law Rules: What You Need to Know

By Adam Leitman Bailey and Dov Treiman Q: What is a loft? A: The word “loft” has no legal meaning. The word “loft” is used in several laws and in the naming of The New York City Loft Board which was set up for the purpose of taking illegal residential tenancies in buildings that were  Full Article…


Q&A: On The Loft Law

By: Dov Treiman April 7th, 2015 The Loft Law and several related laws set procedures to protect and preserve residential occupancies in buildings that were originally built for commercial use by ensuring renovations to these buildings to bring them up to the safety standards that are normal in apartment buildings. Not all commercial buildings qualify  Full Article…


Q&A: Preferential Rent in J51 Housing

November 4, 2015 Q: In J51 housing, can a preferential rate be adjusted as part of a renewal? A: In J51 buildings for the past 40 years, if the FIRST tenant gets a “preferential” rent, there’s nothing preferential about it. The owner has given up the right to the higher rent forever. Under Rent Stabilization  Full Article…